Three ICUBE Start-Ups among the 2020 Lo Family Social Venture Fund Award Recipients

ICUBE aspires to be the place for social entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto, and we are proud to be supporting exciting impact-driven teams through these unprecedented times. As an industry-agnostic incubator on the UTM campus, we work with U of T students and alumni from different years and disciplines to help make their ideas happen. Our teams are solutions-based social enterprises that are entrepreneurial, innovative and driven to positively impact their communities.

ICUBE would like to congratulate the fourteen U of T students and recent alumni who were selected to receive the Lo Family Social Venture Fund, each earning a grant of up to $30 000. Established in 2020, the Lo Family Social Venture Fund helps the U of T community take the most promising, solutions-based social enterprises to the next level, providing support for student-driven ventures that will positively impact the global community. The winners solve problems in diverse fields that include: medical testing and logistics, tracking early childhood development through language, and delivering affordable electricity to energy-poor regions.

A big congratulation to all the recipients for this incredible achievement. We would like to introduce you to three exciting founders from ICUBE who were selected for this prize:


Avneet Ghotra

U of T Alumni, Department of Geography

ALT TEX is a biomaterials startup, creating sustainable fabrics for eco-conscious fashion retailers. The company is re-engineering post-industrial food waste into carbon neutral and biodegradable fabrics. ALT TEX’s innovative material technology enables brands to create eco-conscious styles, without sacrifice to quality or cost. Twitter: @thealttex


Jamie Lee

U of T Alumni, Rotman Commerce Entrepreneurship

Program Affiliation: ICUBE (UTM)

Swate is a mobile app that provides recipe and meal plan recommendations to users by leveraging grocery inventory tracking so that individuals can use their groceries optimally and decrease household food waste.


Yi Ru (Yvonne)

U of T Graduate Student, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Entrepreneurship

Program Affiliation: ICUBE (UTM)

YourTable connects people to eat and network together through their shared interests in food and business industries. With a culturally diversified and passionate team, we aim to positively impact the global communities in Asia and beyond, helping to prevent loneliness, depression, and contribute to their overall work productivity and happiness. Twitter: @yourtableco


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