Roll out the Red Carpet for RollScooters – E-Scooter Sharing Near You

Roll Scooters is Rolling Out 

University of Toronto startup Roll Scooters is racing toward its goal: to introduce electric scooters (e-scooters) in a way that is safe, legal and tailored to Canada. The E-scooters market has been around for a few years, but growing concerns about its safety and viability have kept Canadian governments from allowing them to be massively available in the public domain.  Cao says his company is trying to mitigate safety concerns by using a scooter design with bigger wheels, shock absorbers, a larger base, and speed limiting functions that lower speed for users in certain zones, like areas with schools.  


Roll Technologies Inc., whose CEO is U of T Scarborough alumni Richard Cao, has reached a deal with the city of Kelowna, B.C.  Kelowna’s the first city to announce an e-scooter programme.  Because of demand, cities like Montreal have also joined the fray. Their startup deployed 200 e-scooters and 50 e-bikes in September.  The Toronto Zoo has also embraced e-scooters, and RollScooters began their pilot project back in August.  As a result, a fleet is currently available for patrons to rent when they visit.  


“E-scooters are a popular and effective form of shared mobility.  They provide a green solution to a common urban transportation problem,” says Cao.  Cao is from Shanghai and graduated from U of T Scarborough’s management programme.

“I want to provide a reasonable product to the market that people actually need and can use in a safe way.”  Users will be able to find, unlock and rent the scooters via Roll’s app. Roll Scooters is here to provide a clean, convenient and affordable mobility solution. 


About Roll Scooters

In places like the downtown area, you’ll often find yourself walking long distances or waiting for buses.  Roll Technologies provides better mobility solutions for cities and campuses. The electric scooters provide a viable alternative to cars, walking, or public transit.  This reduces traffic congestion.  The startup was formed out of The Hub, U of T Scarborough’s startup incubator.  Their dream is to eliminate the need for personal motorised vehicles.

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