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PitchDeckPart of our goal at ICUBE is to help you make your business idea a reality, and often times that takes MONEY.  While we are building, researching and strategizing each aspect of your business together through the Sides, this is kind of a final version of what you’re working towards. This Pitch Deck Outline was put together by our internal team consulting with over a dozen VCs and contest judges.  Be creative with your presentation, showcase who you are and what you do with pizzazz.

The final few weeks of the ICE program are dedicated to building your pitch deck and filling in any holes, but this outline is to give you a peek at how everything fits together.  The pitch deck does not have to be in this order, but covering all of this information will help you get that much closer to the prize!

Final Pitch Deck to Include:

  1. Elevator Pitch
  2. Problem / Opportunity
  3. Solution & Value Proposition
  4. Technology (How it works)
  5. Business Model
  6. Market (Size / Addressable Mkt)
  7. Competition & Your Advantage
  8. Customer & Go-to-Marketing Strategy
  9. Revenue Forecast
  10. Progress to date / Future Milestones (Time & $$$)
  11. Team (Now & Who You’re Missing)
  12. The ASK ($) / Use of Funds
  13. Summary


Additional Pitch Deck Resources (Sam’s Selection):

Check out Emagin’s 3 minute pitch at Velocity!
(Emagin is supported in part by ICUBE and the ONE Network Peel Region as winner of Unlock Your Big Idea 2017!)

Best Pitch Decks
Everyone has been ‘early stage’ at one time – BestPitchDecks  features first decks from Facebook, airbnb and more.

The Ultimate Pitch Deck (Forbes)
omplete with a PowerPoint template, Forbes writer Chance Barnett shares a funding formula that worked for LinkedIn and others.

How To Create A Great Investor Pitch Deck For Startups Seeking Financing
 - Another good one from Forbes (Highly Recommended)

35 Great Pitch Decks from YCombinator 2017

(Medium is a great resource from start-up entrepreneurs to the world, here are a couple pitch deck highlights. But seriously, go to Medium, search PITCH DECK and find something that inspires you).

How to Design a Pitch Deck Great tips from Daniel Eckler, Founder of Mylo. ie “No more than 20 words per slide.”

The Deck We Used to Raise $1m – a pretty humble perspective from Ben Lang who just raised a million. It can be pretty vulnerable putting your pitch deck out there, but they did it. Check out what landed them some cash using simple principles like:

  • Some form of traction + team above all else.
  • No one listens after the demo

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