NEW! Entrepreneurship ROP

Entrepreneurial focused research has come to the undergraduate community at UofT Mississauga – and you can be part of the first cohort!  Register (here) today to be part of innovative research opportunities in Chemistry and Computer Science.
Professors have teamed up with ICUBE to create a unique opportunity to combine research in their prospective fields with entrepreneurship training and practice. These opportunities are competitive as there are only limited slots available so we encourage you to register early!

Deadline is March 3, 2017 (11:59pm)

CHM 399y – Entrepreneurial Chemistry (more details)
Faculty Lead: Professor Patrick Gunning
Course Offerings:  Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018

CSC 399y – Computer Scientists & Entrepreneurship (more details)
Faculty Lead: Professor Arnold Rosenbloom
Course Offering: Fall 2017
One of ICUBE’s goals is to engage at a variety of verticals with our academic community at UofT MIssissauga so we’re really excited to see this happen! As UofT is one of the leading research institutions on the planet, this is an incredible example of collaboration between departments to offer student’s learning experiences that’s not been done (at least here) before.  Huge thanks to Professors Patrick Gunning & Arnold Rosenbloom and their respective teams for their investment in entrepreneurship at UofT Mississauga in piloting this program. These opportunities would not be possible without the ongoing support from the Dean’s Office and in particular Melissa and Sue at the Experiential Education Office.


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