Introducing our ICUBE award-winning teams from MEDLIFE

Medlife is an opportunity for bright and creative minds worldwide to team up and create solutions to relevant global issues. The competition tests problem-solving, research, and presentation skills as well as the ability to work in groups toward a solution.

The 2021 Medlife case theme was COVID-19 in Peru. The case competition started on March 13th and finished on March 14th. Open to high school and university students around the world, the participants competed in groups of three to five people. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s competition was held virtually, reducing possible travel fees and the cost for all participants.

This year’s winners, Team Franco-Best and Team Cubillas showed remarkable problem-solving skills and the ability to execute and deliver ideas. In light of their outstanding performances, both teams decided to share their experiences at the competition and the skills they learned.

Can you tell us why you decided to join the competition?

“We thought that Medlife would be an enriching experience for us. We would be competing alongside other brilliant, engaged students and discussing such an important topic. Overall, we learned that there is much complexity to real-world issues and no perfect solution. That being said, we learned how to solve real problems practically and efficiently. Finally, we gained many skills, but one of the most important would have to be teamwork. We had to work well together and trust each other to come up with a solution and a presentation in such a short time.” (Team Franco-Best)

“I wanted to somehow contribute to finding better solutions for countries struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. I learned of the many struggles that Peruvians are facing due to the pandemic and I wanted to cooperate and join efforts with other people to come up with solutions to these ravaging issues. I feel satisfied to have participated, shared my knowledge, and also be awarded my team members for showcasing a solution that could help other people.” (Rasha Pishrow, member of Team Cubillas)

“I have always wanted to be involved in a competition addressing real-life issues and our world’s real-time struggles. I come from a developing nation. However, I was not aware of the many struggles in Peru. I learned how vaccinations – a critical need during this pandemic – experienced multiple hurdles to be produced. Our critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and deduction skills were tested. Working with different people was extremely helpful to deliver outstanding results.” (Mariam Niazi, member of Team Cubillas)

“I joined the case competition for a number of reasons. I was mainly hoping to enter as an opportunity to grow, and I wanted to learn something new on a very important health topic. But, I  also loved the challenge of having to think of innovative and creative ideas to solve these existing problems. I thought it was a very nice opportunity to socialize, brainstorm, and to also witness some other good ideas from great minds.” (Sahar Nourouzpour, member of Team Cubillas)




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