ICUBE’s Top Women in Canadian Tech & Panel

ICUBE’s amazing organizational growth this year has given us the ability to present and support various initiatives that are close to our heart. With an exceptionally strong female cohort paired with a vibrant and tech-focused startup environment, what could be more appropriate than a Women in Tech panel?

ICUBE’s very own Women in Tech panel is an opportunity for industry professionals and entrepreneurs to meet the future generation of women shattering the glass ceiling in tech within a collaborative and innovative environment. Here at ICUBE we want to encourage discussion around the importance of women in STEM professions and the overall Canadian economy. The upcoming panel will consist of several events including workshops, recruiting and networking and definitely not something you will want to miss out on!

This year we are showing our admiration and appreciation of some of the incredible Canadian women that are breaking stereotypes and paving the way in the tech by presenting to you with ICUBE’s 2017 Top 5 Women in Canadian Tech!


Our first out of the five amazing women is Natalie Yeadon. Natalie Yeadon is a UTM alumni and the co-owner and Managing Director of Impetus Digital. As a change agent and motivator Natalie inspires others to live their purpose, find their tribe! She hopes that in doing so and as a collective, we can stand up and lead the disruption of the tech industry and the norms that hold us back.

With her vast experience in Medicine and Health in addition to Business Strategy, she works to create real change in our world. Natalie says “companies that truly take risks, do innovative things and stretch beyond their comfort zones have the greatest success in making the dramatic step changes that are required to become market leaders”. This incredible sentiment is just an example of why she’s one of ICUBE’s 5 Top Women in Canadian Tech.

Natalie will be running the first Women in Tech workshop on November 15th, talking about resources and team building- Register here.

Want to know which women in Canadian tech you should watch? Stay tuned for the next 4 and for more information on the panel events.

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