Get your PSDP Points with ICUBE

Departmental Certificate of Recognition in Entrepreneurship: Get your PSDP Points with ICUBE

Commerce and Management students at UTM have the valuable opportunity of attending a variety of professional development events and earning points in the Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP). As today’s generation of employees and employers are increasingly interested in initiative taking, innovation and entrepreneurship \ interpreneurship, ICUBE is collaborating with the Department of Management to offer entrepreneurship-focused events that also count for PSDP Points. By attending the required workshops below, students can receive a departmental certificate of recognition in Entrepreneurship.

To receive the certificate, students need to participate in 4 out of 6 ICUBE workshops, 1 out of 5 Andreas Park’s Guest Speakers lectures and 10 hours of volunteering with one of our startup teams. The order in which those activities occur is only bound to their dates and has no other significance.

Andreas Park Guest Lectures (choose 1, Under “Academic Development” category):
Sept 28th, Blockchain Applications by Dr. Ethan Wilding
Oct 19th, FinTech in Consumer Payments by Elizabeth Duke/Giles Sutherland
Oct 26st, Toolkit 2: Predictive tools – Artificial Intelligence by Pavel Rahman
Nov 2nd, FinTech in Capital Markets/Insurance by Baiju Devani (Aviva)
Nov 9th, FinTech in Lending: Peer to peer platforms by Adam Kadar (Lending Loop & CWB Maximum Financial)
Nov 16th, Building and growing firms: a VC perspective by Ted Liu (CPE Media and formerly CVCA) // Pitching: ICUBE UTM

ICUBE Workshops (Tentative, choose 4, Under “Develop Skills” category):
Oct 23rd, Business initialization
Oct 31st, Business model
Nov 6th, Market: Research, target and marketing
Nov 16th, Resources: Funding, team and legal matters
Nov 20th, Business plan development (to be confirmed)

Volunteer with a startup (10 points, Under “Develop Skills”):
Choose your preferred startup out of an upcoming list to work with for 10 hours

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