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ICUBE wants to share an exiting new opportunity with UTM students. This year the course MGT415- special management topics, is instructed by Professor Andreas Park and will concentrate on Fin-tech.

Andreas Park’s research covers empirical topics, such as the market impact of maker-taker pricing, dark orders, and high frequency trading, and theoretical topics, such as market design of trading with blockchain technology, herd behavior in financial markets and the impact of trading mechanisms. His work has been published at, e.g., Econometrica, the Journal of Finance, or the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

3bb1a108-6a99-11e6-87bc-57ed402b26b2_1280x720Financial Technology –  the most comprehensive scientific study on the definition of fin-tech concludes that “fin-tech is a new financial industry that applies technology to improve financial activities”. Fin-Tech is the new applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services industry, composed of one or more complementary financial services and provided as an end-to-end process via the Internet. Fin-tech is taking the financial sector by storm and leads us to a world without cash at an exponential speed.

What a time to be alive! Some of the best industry professionals in the field in Canada are coming to UTM to talk to our students and show them first hand how fin-tech is changing their career paths and the world we live in. Even if you are not registered to Professor Park’s class, you can register to the following special lectures here:


Sept 28th, Blockchain Applications by Dr. Ethan Wilding (Ethereum Foundation) // Ideation Generation: Sam Dumcum (ICUBE)

Ethan has done what few people have managed: turned a philosophy doctorate into something practical and useful. He brings his expertise in blockchain technologies to help clients and partners develop new strategic models of governance and finance. Prior to joining Ledger Labs, Ethan was the Resident Philosopher at Ethereum, and lecturer of Philosophy at Balsillie School of International Affairs.


Oct 2nd, Toolkit 2: Predictive tools – Artificial Intelligence by Pavel Rahman (IBM)

Pavel is an Associate Partner at IBM Cognitive (AI) Consulting Practice with over 12+ years of experience. He combines data science, operations research and technology consulting expertise to drive revenue growth and operational excellence. In addition to his role at IBM, he is an Applied Researcher @Queen’s Smith School of Business and Adjunct Lecturer for Data Science @Schulich School of Business.

ICUBE’s very own program lead, Sam, is an entrepreneur and a start-up coach. Through a couple of startup successes and false-starts of his own, he learned some tough lessons and is honoured to be able to champion and assist startups (primarily in tech and life sciences) through their growth and help them navigate the best path possible.


Oct 19th, FinTech in Consumer Payments by Elizabeth Duke/Giles Sutherland (Carta Worldwide)

Elizabeth has 25 years experience in both corporate and consulting environments covering strategic sales management, product management and business development working with companies like MasterCard and C-Sam. Today VP Business Development at Carta Worldwide.

Giles, VP Strategic Allience and Development at Carta Worldwide, has a vast knowledge in mobile payments. Giles joined the founding team at Carta in the early growth phase to support commercialization of the Carta platform and drive market strategy and business development. With a background in financial analysis, enterprise software solutions, business and market development, Giles has played an active role in driving Carta’s market growth. Click here to register!


Nov 2nd, FinTech in Capital Markets/Insurance by Baiju Devani (Aviva)

Baiju describes himself as a “Technologist, Entrepreneur, doer”. With a masters degree from Queen’s university, many years of experience in business strategy development and a few of his own entrepreneurial endeavors, Baiju was recently appointed VP Enterprise Analytics at Aviva. Click here to register!


Nov 9th, FinTech in Lending: Peer to peer platforms by Adam Kadar (Lending Loop & CWB Maximum Financial)

As UofT Alumni and seasonal lecturer, Adam is very much at home in front of our students. With his proven experience in corporate finance and knowledge of capital markets, he recently was appointed Credit Director at CWB. Click here to register!


Nov 16th, Building and growing firms: a VC perspective by Ted Liu (CPE Media and formerly CVCA) // Pitching: ICUBE UTM

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Ted founded CPE Media Inc., an all private capital news and intelligence provider. CPE offers complete private capital information and intelligence through Private Capital Journal and Private Capital Dealbase. They also offer a comprehensive Private Capital Directory to help private capital seeking entrepreneurs and researchers navigate the maze of private capital fundraising.

All of the above will be held during class time between 4-6 pm on the stated dates. For more info and registration visit the link. Click here to register!

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