Engaging the Future – Welcoming Students from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

On July 7th, ICUBE UTM welcomed over 30 visitors from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. As part of the recruitment initiatives at UTM, ICUBE along with the department of Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) presented the importance of engaging entrepreneurial thinking and experiential learning. The goal of our presentation was to showcase how ICUBE can add diversity to students’ academic experience and help them succeed in today’s jobs, and jobs that don’t exist yet!


Engaging in an open discussion on the benefits of having an entrepreneurial mindset, students were invited to complete a survey on how programs like ICUBE can influence the students’ decision on choosing which university to study abroad.

Looking at the results:

  • 82.1% were interested in starting their own business
  • The top three industries students interested in were:
    • Cleantech
    • Entertainment and Recreation
    • Health
  • The top three ICUBE services students interested in were:
    • Free workspace
    • Working with other entrepreneurs
    • Mentor support

After going through individual responses, we happily discovered that out of all the students that were interested in starting a business, 100% of those respondents were interested in studying at UTM and said “Yes” when asked whether a program like ICUBE would add diversity to their education.

We are very glad to learn that ICUBE was able to add appeal to UTM’s already outstanding academic reputation. As the only ideation stage incubator in GTA, ICUBE will continue to work with the university on building an innovative culture by focusing on entrepreneur training and education.

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