Caddie Health reinvents medical billing

When physician Akshay Rajaram realized how frustrating medical billing errors like missed earnings can be for doctors and their employees, he founded Caddie Health with his colleagues Phil Ballyk and Michael Judd. Caddie Health uses innovative AI technology and private data from professional health teams to deliver precise medical billing software solutions.  

Their primary flagship item is called Ace. Ace is a platform that makes sure family physicians reference chart notes from an electronic medical record (EMR) to then submit proper billing and diagnosis codes.  

“It was difficult to bargain with databases for access to their data and research because our approach depended on data availability,” Ballyk says of the start-up’s initial stage. “I also believe that investing in capabilities to be compliant from privacy and security standpoints was also challenging. […] We want to stay compliant with patients and make sure our product design meets government policies as we are dealing with really sensitive data.” 

The team prevailed over those challenges and is now preparing to launch Oscar, an EMR system, into pilot. In the coming weeks, they will measure how Oscar performs as a product and its impact on customers through alpha and beta tests, respectively: “Can we reduce administrative labour and save doctors’ time [through the automation of back-office billing tasks]”? Does it decrease staff error rates and have the potential to boost practice income?” Using feedback from Canadian family physicians as test subjects, the Caddie Health team seeks to answer these questions. 

Ballyk values ICUBE’s generous assistance in providing Caddie Health with mentorship, especially as Caddie Health has only been an ICUBE member for a few months now. “Especially as an entrepreneur starting from zero,” he says, “a mentor to keep you in check and extending their experiences really helped me, especially from an emotional aspect.” 

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