ALTO: A sound experience with no strings attached

This lightweight pair of wireless earbuds come in a capsule holding ten hours of battery power and are looking for $50,000 in funding

Earbuds are great because they offer convenient portability, but the cables can be annoying. ALTO earbuds get it right by getting rid of them.

Their purpose is to improve your listening experience without the hassle of tangling and snagging cables. “I’m always listening to audiobooks for like four, five hours a day and this is so hard with regular wired earbuds and I decided that it would be nice if there was something without the wire,” said  Ahmed Ali, team leader and McMaster University graduate.

Using Bluetooth technology compatible with most smartphones, these earbuds can pair up with up to eight devices and maintains a wireless range of up to 33 feet. It’s true, wireless Bluetooth earphones already exist, but they are usually unwieldy and expensive with short battery life.

ALTO EarbudsALTO takes an improved approach: the latest prototype is designed to fit comfortably in the ears and physically blocks the outside noise from entering the ear. The battery has been developed to last over three years and has a capacity of five to seven hours playtime. Also, the capsule allows you to fully charge your earbuds (it takes only twenty minutes to recharge) while on the go.

Aptly dubbed ALTO (a musical term meaning “high” in Italian) these are not your run-of-the-mill earbuds. “We are using true driver technology, which has very high quality audio. We’re also designing a very small chip that will give you good sound quality for up to ten feet of connectivity,” Ahmed said.

The members behind this special device have taken to crowdfunding to bankroll their latest prototype. Check out their KickStarter Campaign to support the team and get a discounted pair. The device comes in three cool colours: black, silver, and gold.

Check out their KickStarter Campaign

About the Author: Sarah Jane Silva is the strategic communications officer for the Department of Management and the Institute for Management and Innovation at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

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