Venture Forward Program Welcomes Four New Startups!

ICUBE’s Venture Forward Program is thrilled to welcome four new startups: Archipelago Genomics Inc., LIOHAN Inc., LOGIMIX Inc., and EduTechnoz Inc.


Archipelago is a unique virtual marketplace and subscription service that connects consumers looking for personalized lifestyle services with professionals who offer expert lifestyle programs based on the consumer’s genetics and goals.

“We understand that learning and doing are not the same thing. that is why we connect you with experts who can make use of your unique genetic traits to help you achieve your goals. from creating personalized routines to one-on-one sessions, we are here to guide you every step of the way.”

For more information, visit:


LIOHAN (“Living In Our Here And Now”) empowers families to bond, explore, and create together through engagement with our EduTainmenTech.

“Our approach is to expand upon a lot of familiar territory in terms of kids’ education and extracurricular activities…and a lot of new ground that will push the limits of what you know and the talents you rely on for everyday life.”

For more information, visit:


LOGIMIX is an afterschool math program that is run by highly experienced, Ontario certified math teachers who are familiar with both the Ontario curriculum and the stringent Canadian and international university admission requirements

“By following LOGIMIX’s carefully designed material and delivery methods, students will become increasingly successful in school, achieving higher grades in Math – which will position them well for university admission.”

For more information, visit:


EduTechnoz Inc. is an Arabic tutoring centre that uses innovative solutions and resources.

“Arabic is hard, especially for today’s digital and/or bilingual K12 students. We invented a fun, easy and effective way to teach Arabic literacy using gamified curriculum, pedagogy & resources.”

For more information, visit:

Venture Forward is designed to accelerate your business growth in a sustainable way. Join a community of entrepreneurs who are all working towards making an impact and scaling up!

For more information, visit:

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