Startup Spotlight: Tenatch

While walking up and down Queen Street in Downtown Toronto, David Fu noticed that there were a lot of empty storefronts.  Even though he was in the heart of downtown Toronto, the businesses were not.  His startup Tenatch is here to provide a solution.

Tenatch is a startup currently being incubated at ICUBE UTM.  They are a retail solutions company, offering consultation on location optimisation.  They hope to see a return to form, with small businesses being able to thrive downtown once more.  Small businesses make the city more vibrant, while also creating jobs.  Over the summer they hired 3 interns to make some videos! Their first video details the ‘Retail Apocalypse’ in Toronto:

Promotional Videos

In their second video, they interviewed Cynthia (a U of T alumni) and founder of Cynthia’s Bath Lab at the CNE.  Small businesses like hers are an example of the type of retail ventures that Tenatch is looking to help:


Tenatch and the team are planning to release upcoming videos covering the various summer festivals in Toronto.  Stay tuned as Tenatch explores what makes the retail market at festivals such a thriving industry. 


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