Leap Startup League

Experiential Learning

A structured, hands-on learning opportunity that will empower you to bring your venture to life!

Innovation Tools

Utilize innovation tools and approaches like the business model canvas and design thinking

Small Class Sizes

Small cohorts of dedicated teams maximize opportunity for one-on-one support and collaboration


Build a network of entrepreneurs, experts and advisors to work with you beyond the Start Up program

Bring Your Idea to Life!

We work with change-makers from all backgrounds and industries to help turn your big ideas into reality. We offer the resources and teach the skills you need in order to map out a sustainable business or organization. Our expertise is guiding social enterprises that benefit our communities and our planet. Whether you have been building an invention, dreaming of starting a non-profit, or see a nagging problem that you know you could fix – this program will help you make it happen.


Offered in partnership with our friends at Sheridan EDGE

“The program helped me clarify every aspect of my business: marketing, messaging, business model, the benefits and methods of customer interviews, funding, etc. All of it was incredibly valuable. My original goal was to have confidence in what to do next (and not do) and this program helped me with that and more.” -LSL Graduate

Successful applicants attend:

  • Boot camp intensive – a transformative multi-day deep dive. Work with expert facilitators and industry leaders to delve into the problem you want to solve, determine the viability of your idea, and develop a model to support your vision.
  • Ongoing workshops – build and practice the skills needed to move from planning to implementation. Topics include sales, marketing, and more.
  • Ongoing advising and mentorship
  • Please note: In response to COVID-19, all programming will be virtual

All Start Up teams receive:

  • Online learning modules that support in-class live training sessions
  • Access to the ICUBE, EDGE and OnRamp facilities, and member perks
  • Networking opportunities at UTM, EDGE and the wider community
  • Online Slack community
  • Advisors/mentors from ICUBE and Edge
  • The opportunity to pitch for cash and prizes

Applications are now Open for Summer! Apply Now!

“It’s clear that the tools I’ve learned about will help me as my business model continues to evolve. I am eternally grateful for the program and everyone in it.” – LSL Graduate

Who Should Apply?
You are a strong fit for this program if:

  • You have identified a business idea and are in the ideation or early startup phase
  • You are open to exploring and changing as you work through the program
  • You are ready to commit at least 5 hours a week on your venture
  • You are looking for collaborators and advisors
  • You are serious about pursuing this idea, or an entrepreneurial idea in the future, and are committed to completing the program
  • You are a U of T or Sheridan student, recent alumni, or resident of the Peel region

Equity and Diversity Statement

Leap Startup League’s dedication to promoting diversity in our teams includes a commitment to ensuring every cohort accurately reflects our community, welcoming folks of all gender identities, sexual orientations, races and ages, and actively creating space for marginalized change-makers and under-represented disciplines.

All creators, entrepreneurial thinkers, and leaders are encouraged to apply.



Market Research


Finance Foundations

Finance 101

Leap Up Refresher

Marketing 101

Sales Bootcamp

Storytelling Pitch Prep

Round 1 Final Comp

Final Comp

Wednesday, May 19

May 28, 29, 30

Wednesday, June 2

Wednesday, June 16

Wednesday, June 23

Wednesday, June 30

Wednesday, July 14

Wednesday, July 28

Saturday, August 7 (tentative)

Wednesday, August 11

Wednesday, July 18

Wednesday, July 25

*Please Note* 

All dates & times mentioned above are subject to change, an updated version of the program schedule will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

The following qualifications must be met for applicants to be considered for entry:

  • Must be one of the following:
    • Current University of Toronto or Sheridan student
    • Recent alumni (within ~5 years)
    • Resident of the Peel region
  • Have identified a business idea or problem to solve, and are in the ideation or early start up phase
  • Be available for all sessions, and be committed to working on your venture for at least 5 hours weekly
  • The business idea must be in alignment with  applicable policies and legislation and Leap Startup League’s values

Apply Here before April 18th

In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), we are committed to accommodating entrepreneurs with disabilities. If you require accommodation to complete this survey, have any questions, or require clarification, please contact us. 

Application Screening Process

All applications will be evaluated against program criteria in the following steps:

  • Initial screening by program staff to ensure basic eligibility
  • Eligible applications will be reviewed by a panel of internal and external industry experts, and assigned numerical grades
  • Grading will be averaged across the judging panel, and the top teams will be offered a place in the program

Judging Criteria

The panel of reviewers will be provided a rubric to score applications against the following criteria.

  • Completion
    • Is the application complete?
    • Are all questions answered in detail?
  • Novelty and Compelling Nature of the Idea
    • Is this an industry that is already well represented in ICUBE/EDGE?
    • Is the idea unique, interesting, and demonstrates potential?
  • Impact
    • Will this solution impact lives in a meaningful way?
    • Is there a large market for this idea?
    • Does the solution address a widespread problem?
  • Alignment with Programming
    • Is LSL’s program will positioned to address the challenges faced by the entrepreneur?
    • Can the LSL program address the main priorities of the entrepreneur?
    • Is the venture at the right stage for this program?
  • Attention to accessibility/inclusiveness
    • LSL provides value-based entrepreneurship education. Is this business idea and the founding team attentive accessibility, inclusiveness, and social issues?
  • The Entrepreneur
    • Does the founding team have the right skills to pursue entrepreneurship at this time?
    • Is the founder committed to this program and furthering this idea?
    • Does the applicant demonstrate professionalism?

Leap Startup League’s dedication to promoting diversity in our teams includes a commitment to ensuring every cohort accurately reflects our community, welcoming folks of all gender identities, sexual originations, races and ages, and actively creating space for marginalized change-makers and under-represented disciplines.

“This was a great hands-on experience, I felt like I was thoroughly introduced to a lot of the key concepts and strategies required to build a startup and then slowly got to chew on and reflect on the content and learnings throughout the program.”

“Prior to participating in LSL, talking about our business was something that felt intimidating for me. Since creating a clear statement of what our value proposition is, I have felt so much more confident talking about our business. Even more, taking our value proposition and then validating it with our research and creating a business model canvas has helped to clearly state how we are going to create our product and the impact we will have.”

“Each exercise has allowed us to focus on learning skills related to and planning specific aspects of our business, and gaining these skills has given me so much more confidence in being able to run a business!”

“Before joining the LSL program I had poor knowledge of sales, marketing, developing business models, and financial planning, but these are now improved very well. I believe the knowledge that I gained from boot camp and workshops will extremely helpful to accelerate the journey of my company.”

“Each session targeted a specific aspect of running ones venture. Starting off with the boot camp that did a great job in introducing the cohort and setting up a rapport for future interactions. It was also a great way to immerse the cohort into the entrepreneurial mindset. All following workshops including Sales, Marketing and Finance 101 prepared the cohort to understand all varying aspects of running ones own business. It gave us an opportunity to explore areas we don’t feel confident about. Sessions with mentors was incredible as we got undivided attention from industry experts whose technical know how and understanding of the market allowed for us to understand the realities of starting ones own venture.”


All teams who are a part of ICUBE are a part of the University of Toronto. Upon acceptance, you will receive a U of T ID Card and online authentication to the University of Toronto portals and many other member perks!

Members Perks