Health and Wellness Startup LinkMentalHealth invited to Mexico!

ICUBE UTM health and wellness startup LinkMentalHealth won the CEMEX-Tec Award for developing a feasible high-impact business proposal.  The CEMEX-Tec Award supports progressive projects in sustainable development, innovation, and social entrepreneurship and their goal is to foster economic development, social involvement and the preservation of resources.  Founder Radwan Al-Nachawati was invited to Monterrey, Mexico to accept the prestigious award, representing ICUBE and Canada at an event that attracted more than 1000 applicant ventures from 67 countries.

“We’re excited to receive this award and meet other leaders doing incredible things to positively impact their communities,” says Radwan. “It’s an honor to attend the week-long summit in Mexico, and we look forward to learning from a global community of social entrepreneurs.” 

Cemex-Tec Award

The Award

The CEMEX-Tec Award is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any country with proposals on sustainable improvements of communities.  The winner of the 1st place prize gets to go to Mexico to attend a 5-day workshop led by MakeSense. The US $25,000 grant is for the implementation of the proposal.  Only 15 winners were selected out of the 335 project proposals submitted globally.  For the health and wellness category, the competitors need to present solutions to everyday health and wellness concerns.  As for this year, there was a focus on the aging population and accessibility.

What is LinkMentalHealth?

Most people are unaware that health coverage includes mental health services.  Mental health services can often be difficult to access.  This platform is going to match people with licensed psychologists, therapists, psychotherapists, and social workers in minutes, not months. 

Everyone at ICUBE would like to send a big congratulations to LinkMentalHealth for their incredible achievement! We are all so proud to watch this team grow and achieve such success!

Check out LinkMentalHealth to learn more about their services:




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