Inspiration, Ideation, Innovation


ICUBE is a hub for idea exploration, early-stage business development, and co-working. We provide expert support, resources, and access to opportunities for entrepreneurial students and community members across all industries.

Got an idea? Let’s make it!

ICUBE is part of the Institute for Management and Innovation. Experiential learning is central to IMI’s teaching philosophy and ICUBE, like all IMI programs, helps prepare the next generation of leaders to contribute to our communities, and solve problems through discovery, application and communication of knowledge


We empower innovators, creators, and change-makers to explore their ideas and make them happen.


We envision a community where entrepreneurship is an opportunity open to all, and a creation space where diverse leaders can ideate, collaborate, and make an impact together.


As a part of UTM, ICUBE contributes to the values of the campus:

  • A campus that embraces its Community
  • An institution that values and encourages Creativity
  • A scholarly community that prioritizes Communication
  • Faculty, librarians, staff and students who lead through Innovation
  • An institution that values and promotes Sustainability

ICUBE is part of the University of Toronto’s Innovation network.

U of T’s diverse accelerators and incubators serve students and faculty from all disciplines and levels of experience.