ICUBE Startup, Nise Tech, Hits a Milestone

Not only have they reached their $35K USD funding goal in just over 24 hours, Nise Tech surpassed $125K USD in just two weeks on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Orders for their personal chef IoT device that uses the sous vide cooking method, are coming in from Toronto to Singapore.

Nise Wave’s device and app combo adds a tech twist to traditional sous vide: it is the only sous vide cooker that helps users cook food automatically, letting you have your meal exactly how and when you want it.

The excitement around the idea of amazing ready-made food when you want it is translating into traction on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding site allows supporters to chip in to back the project. The initial money helps Nise fund the cost to set up the factory.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Nise Wave and sous vide cooking, or supporting a UofT-based startup, check out their campaign here.

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Nise Tech’s Kickstarter closed with: $292,214 USD and 1,860 backers!
* Kickstarter Staff Pick
* ~ 300,000 USD / $350,000 CAD raised over 45 days of the campaign

* ~ $35,000 USD in post-campaign pre-orders within 10 days

* ~ $100,000 USD raised in under 7 days

* Top Food Kickstarter Crowdfunding Project from Canada

* Top 20 Food Kickstarter Projects WorldWide (Top 0.06%)

* During the campaign – Most Funded Live Canadian Food Project

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