Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is one of the most powerful ways to help students grow and succeed in real-world settings. It encourages students to take initiatives, make decisions and be proactive about their success.
During the experiential learning process, students are actively engaged to pose questions, solve problems, be curious and creative. This helps them focus on their future endeavours because they are engaged intellectually, emotionally and soulfully.

How does ICUBE foster experiential learning

ICUBE is currently working closely with the academic departments at UTM to integrate experiential learning into the university’s regular courses. Our entrepreneurial training programs help students to develop and nurture relationships with themselves, with others and with the world at large.
For example: ICUBE currently plays a large role in “MGD421H5 Technological Entrepreneurship,” a mandatory course for undergraduate students majoring in Digital Enterprise Management. In this course, students come up with ideas for new ventures and are required to develop detailed business models, financial projections and any other necessary documents as if they were starting their own business. At the end of the semester student teams present their business proposals to a panel of judges which ICUBE is part of. The top student teams are then invited to be part of ICUBE where they can turn their academic projects into real businesses.

Six Sides of ICUBE – A Guide for Entrepreneurs to Jump-start their Businesses.

The Six Sides of ICUBE is a training guide designed to help entrepreneurs to build the necessary knowledge base and skills to successfully implement their business ideas. Each side represents an aspect of entrepreneurship that a startup should master. The guide follows a textbook-like format which includes concept introductions, reflection questions and exercises.