Entrepreneurship / Startup Experience & Training FOR STUDENTS!

Get your “Startup Experience” with ICUBE UTM through one of four training modules, each offering a CCR (co-curricular record) notation.
Complete any three modules and receive a “Certificate in Entrepreneurship” from ICUBE.

(Please note: Startup Support 2.0 – Paid Startup Experience is only available to full-time undergraduate students at UTM).

Have a cool business idea – check out Startup Experience League: Accelerate for more info on how ICUBE will help your startup grow!

Learn to be an Entrepreneur!  (Events)

About: Learn from those that have been there and done that! Industry mentors, entrepreneurs and trainers will guide you through the building blocks of starting your own company through a series of workshops.  This will be a chance to learn about entrepreneurship and network with other entrepreneurial thinkers.

Requirements: Attend four workshops within one academic year and complete the reflection to earn the “Aspiring Entrepreneur” CCR notation.

Get in the Action! (Volunteer 10 hours)

About:  Be part of the team that makes entrepreneurship in action happen at ICUBE UTM as part of the BizOps team! Immediately become a vital role in a functioning organization as you join our team and use / grow your skills in event management, recruitment, marketing, sales and more.

Requirements: Volunteer with ICUBE for ten hours to earn the “BizOps” CCR Notation.

Startup Support 1.0 (Volunteer 20 hours)

About: Get to know what it’s like to be part of a startup first hand by volunteering with an ICUBE startup! Startups always need support and the types of roles you might fill are limitless, but we promise, none of them will involve getting coffee!

Requirements: Volunteer with an ICUBE startup for twenty hours to earn the “Startup Support 1.0” CCR Notation.

* Note, this program is related to the SXL Accelerate Grant and only operates during certain times of the year.

Check the ICUBE UTM JOBS page for opportunities and to apply!

 Startup Support 2.0 (Up to 100 hours P A I D)

About:  Get that startup experience on campus(and get paid) by an ICUBE startup for a project that will take up to 100 hours to complete.

Requirements:  First dibs will go to those who have completed Startup Support 1.0 and other certificate programs.
Complete up to 100 paid hours with an ICUBE startup to earn your Startup Support 2.0″ CCR notation

Got a business idea? Or a startup already?

Check out SXL Accelerate for ICUBE UTM’s startup support!