This is your confirmation that your business concept / idea is being considered for the Accelerate Startup Program!

Before we really get started, with the fun stuff, there are a few intake steps you have to complete:

    There is one form per company and one form per startup. This helps us make sure we have all the info we need for grants, 24/7 access for your team, etc 🙂  This also helps us get you featured on our TEAMS page! (Please share this link with your team)
    We want to get to know YOU!
    Before fully engaging in the program please set up a meeting using the links below with either of our ICUBE startup coaches:
    Ignacio Mongrell (Tu, W, F)
    Sam Dumcum (M, W, Th, F)

SXL Program Plan:

The following four steps outline how to engage with ICUBE and get support from startup coaches and mentors to grow your business!

Step 1) Complete ICUBE Side Guide

The Side Guide is an online training program to help you build the sides of your business and get from idea to prototype / first customer fast! Each Side has exercises for you to complete on your business, from there, startup coaches and mentors will be able to hook you up with feedback on next steps!  Note, each Side is a starting point to developing a ‘side’ of your business. You don’t have to complete them all at once 🙂

Step 2) Attend Workshops & Events

Events at ICUBE and SXL are all designed to meet founders where they’re at through peer engagement and professional learning opportunities.  (You’ll also get tips and expert advice on helping you complete your Side Guides).

More details & registration available on the ICUBE Events page.  Events for Accelerate participants are shown on the ICUBE Events’s Calendar in yellow (like the one above), and you are welcome to attend any event at ICUBE or most events with our partners, RIC, Sheridan Edge, Humber  orEntrepreneurship Centre.

Step 3) Get In The Cube!

Want 24/7 Access to the ICUBE’s Co-Working and Maker Space? Make sure you fill out the ICUBE Initialization Form so we can provide you access for you to work on your startup here!  (Required for both ‘people’ and your ‘company’. Once your Initialization Form is complete, review the ICUBE NDA and House Rules(which you’ll sign on your first visit) and you’re ready to rock!

Our co-working space is covered in white and green boards for you to form your ideas, get feedback from peers, and have a space to get some serious work done – come check it out!


The SXL coaching team will regularly set up one-on-one events with startup mentors with the exclusive goal of helping your business grow. First dibs are given to the most engaged startups in Steps 1-3.