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We are excited to launch a new Indigenous business training program in partnership with Redbird Circle Inc.

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An experiential learning program for anyone with a great idea who wants to make it happen.
*In partnership with Sheridan EDGE

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A boutique-style program to support your business development and help you grow.

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For those who only want to be a part of our community


All teams who are a part of ICUBE are a part of the University of Toronto. Upon acceptance, you will receive a U of T ID Card and online authentication to the University of Toronto portals and many other member perks!

Members Perks
Looking for student talent?

Post your job or volunteer posting on our job board to reach the student ICUBE community with your opportunity.

Looking for a Paid Job or Volunteer Role?

Full time students can enjoy a placement with one of ICUBE’s startup teams. Check out the job board for current opportunities.

Workshops, Case Competitions, and More!

ICUBE Staff are expert facilitators, and can run workshops on innovation, brainstorming, creativity, and entrepreneurship topics for your class or group.

Looking for a unique hands-on assignment? Work with an ICUBE startup to provide assignments that allow students see their results play out in real life. Companies can provide case studies and challenges for students to solve and add real value and impact.

Contact us to discuss how ICUBE can help bring your event or classroom to life!



Cant wait until our next cohort begins?

Start working on your ideas and using the co-working space in the meantime! Become a member, and enjoy access to our basic services including: co-working space, online programs, and U of T services.


ICUBE in the Classroom

ICUBE brings entrepreneurial and experiential learning to the classroom in a variety of ways.  Engage in entrepreneurship with:

  • Guest Speakers: ICUBE has a digital rolodex of entrepreneurs, mentors and trainers who can speak on a variety of topics
  • Workshops: Ideation, customer persona development, pitch practice, problem identification, etc
  • Live Case Studies: ICUBE startups are available to provide live cases and problems that need to be solved to help your students learn in a dynamic, live and experiential environment.

CONTACT US today to bring ICUBE to your classroom!