Startup Support & Experience


 For UTM Students:

Are you interested in trying out entrepreneurship?
Check out the SXL Certificate Program!
Here you’ll receive access to engaging workshops as well as volunteer and paid opportunities to work alongside startups based at UTM.

Get your “startup experience” with Startup Experience League!


For Startups:

Do you have a business idea? Or a startup already?
Check out the SXL Accelerate Program!
Ideation and scaling stage teams are our specialty. Come find out what to do with your idea, or get support getting to the next level in our accelerator / incubator.

Did you know ICUBE teams have raised over $2M?

Icube Side Session

ICUBE in the Classroom

ICUBE brings entrepreneurial and experiential learning to the classroom in a variety of ways.  Engage in entrepreneurship with:

    • Guest Speakers: ICUBE has a digital rolodex of entrepreneurs, mentors and trainers who can speak on a variety of topics.
    • Workshops: Ideation, customer persona development, pitch practice, problem identification, etc
    • Live Case Studies: ICUBE startups are available to provide live cases and problems that need to be solved to help your students learn in a dynamic, live and experiential environment.