Solve It!

Solve It! is an 8-week design thinking certificate program for change-makers looking to build connections and make an impact. Learn methods to find and create meaningful solutions, and pitch your ideas to stakeholders on campus. Walk away with tools you can use in your future intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial pursuits.


Week 1-2

Engage in interactive workshops to learn about design thinking and innovation tools. You will be placed in a multidisciplinary team and provided an on-campus challenge to solve by the end of the program!


Week 3-4

Start implementing the design thinking process. Learn how to talk to the people who are experiencing the problem to gain insights. Track and explore the trends you find, and gather valuable data.

Start Solving

Week 5-6

Learn brainstorming tools and explore unique ways to define and solve the problems you are working on. As a team, start filtering out the best ideas to settle on your best solution that could be implemented.

Pitch Your Findings

Week 7-8

Create a final pitch and present your findings to the stakeholders. Explain why your solution is the best way to address the problem. Strong ideas will actually be adopted, and will have impact on life at UTM!

Program Structure

  • Successful applicants will be placed into diverse multidisciplinary groups. Connect with change-makers from across UTM, forge friendships, and build a successful team!
  • Join us for weekly 90 minute interactive online sessions. Build your resume with new areas of expertise, and apply your skills with your team. Topics will include design thinking, empathy mapping, brainstorming, prototyping, pitching, and more!
  • Use design thinking and innovation to come up with a meaningful solution to a real life problem, and present your recommendation to stakeholders.
  • See your ideas come to life!

Who Should Apply?

  • Anyone looking for professional development in project management, innovation, entrepreneurship or sustainability
  • Future entrepreneurs looking to gain skills and experience in finding and solving real life challenges
  • Change-makers who are looking for likeminded partners to help start initiatives or execute on big ideas.

Campus challenges provided by:

Positive Space

Sustainability Office, UTM

Startups in incubation at

Equal Opportunity Policy

At ICUBE we have a clear vision: to create a community where entrepreneurship is an opportunity open to all, and a creation space where diverse leaders can ideate, collaborate, and make an impact together. ICUBE’s dedication to promoting diversity in our teams includes a commitment to ensuring every cohort accurately reflects the UTM community, welcoming folks of all identities, and actively creating space for marginalized change-makers and under-represented disciplines. All creators, entrepreneurial thinkers, and leaders are encouraged to apply.

Applications will open soon!