Redbird Circle

The Indigenous Entrepreneurship Program created by Redbird Circle Inc. in partnership with ICUBE UTM is a 14-week program that integrates knowledge from mainstream and Indigenous entrepreneurial practices to form a new lookout on what mainstream business looks like and how its taught. The program is rooted in Indigenous knowledge and grounded in relevant Western learning pedagogies, created by the community for the community. The objective of program is to build career competencies, eliminate barriers, facilitate partnerships and mentorships, and build pathways to success for Indigenous entrepreneurs using a co-operative model. This co-operative is an autonomous association of people united to work toward their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

By following the teachings of the medicine wheel, participants connect in all aspects of life and being. The entrepreneur’s journey began in the direction of the Spirit with visioning, transitioning to the direction of the Heart with community strengthening, transitioning to the direction of the mind with skills development and then transitioning to the direction of the body with implementing and celebrating. The program integrates teachings from all four stages of the life cycle, four directions, colours, seasons and sacred medicines. With this program Indigenous entrepreneurs are able to freely think, create, build and belong in a space that welcomes & encourages Indigenous led ideas, incentives and organizations; while having the opportunity to incorporate traditional values that aren’t found in other business opportunities. Redbird Circle Inc. has created a circular based teaching method that bring together aspects of tradition, business, culture and entrepreneurship.