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As for next steps, there are a few things that need to be completed before the student can start with you.  Before starting, you will have to get the student to email, our Assistant Director, to set up an orientation here at ICUBE.  After that is complete, there will be some contracts to sign and there will be some activities to be completed by the student to go towards their CCR notation.  All of this will be gone over by Ignacio during the orientation set up by your student. 


UofT Shared Office Access

WARNING! Please include your UTORID when requesting access to the shared offices. Failure to do so will cause automatic rejection of application.

Quercus Educational Portal

Join UofT’s educational portal and gain access to ICUBEUTM’s full course module to help you learn all about business development!

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Program Lead – Startup Program Coordinator & Scaleup Portfolio Holder

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Program Assistant – ICUBESTUDIO Lead, ICUBE Marketing, Onboarding & Tech Support

ClauseHound Business Contracts

Clausehound is an online platform that provides our members with access to a contract library and legal support. To set up your account, please put ICUBE UTM as the Organizational Partner when you register.

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Join our Slack community to connect with other entrepreneurs in our ecosystem. Stay up to date about events, workshops and grants, ask for support from the ecosystem, and many other opportunities.


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