Meet the Ideation Lab Competition Winners: Dudi Gifts and Every Child Dreams 

The Ideation Lab aims to foster the ideas of change-makers coming from any background and industries to turn their ideas into reality. These concepts are sustainably supported with the concept of the Ideation Lab pitch competition. 

Majdi Nawfal, the founder of Dudi Gifts, earned first place in the Ideation Lab pitch competition, which was attended by eighty people on December 15th, 2022. 

“I had smaller expectations entering the competition,” Nawfal recounts, “Instead of focusing on winning, I wanted to focus on fleshing out the concept of my startup, especially on how I can achieve its goal of creating social impact.” Dudi Gifts was established in 2021 with the primary purpose of saving time and reducing waste for invitations and gift giving for children.  

“The Ideation Lab helped me continue my mission of supporting children from different socioeconomic backgrounds and being sustainable as a business.” Nawfal explains. “I did not expect Dudi Gifts to win as our business side was not as fleshed out as expected, however, what we put forward is that we wanted to make a difference. I believe ICUBE’s vision makes it possible for those individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds to nurture their ideas into realities.” 

With the winning prize, Nawfal hopes to expand on Dudi Gifts online presence. “I need to create a simplified way of communication with my audience. This way, I can identify my audience and create content accordingly. This can only be done by expanding my marketing strategy and now with the help of the prize, I will be able to do so in 2023.”  

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Every Child Dreams is a social enterprise committed towards imparting crucial life skills on children by providing engaging resources to support emotional intelligence. It was founded by Radini Rajaratne, Ji Eun Park and Ananya Gupta. 

 Taking second place in the Ideation Lab competition as well as the people’s choice winner, the three co-founders intend to continue the navigation on the impact on family and children. “We believe that through intentional time spending by journaling, it will equip students with better emotional and social skills,” Radini explains.  

They had joined and went through the Ideation Lab competition together as a team. “As we all come from education backgrounds, we had little experience in terms of the business and legal side of start-ups before entering the competition. However, with the help of the workshops provided by ICUBE, we were able to navigate the field better,” Ji Eun explains. “We went in with a strong and positive mindset and that helped us. ICUBE allowed us to turn our ideas into reality without compromising our values,” Ananya adds. 

With the prize, the team hopes to expand the resources on their website such as informative blog posts. Ji Eun further adds: “We are able to figure out the logistics of establishing a business with ICUBE and hope to launch an app in the near future.” 

For more information regarding Every Child Dreams, visit:  

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Beginning in January, Ideation Lab’s winter cohort will commence and many of their workshops will be open to the general public. With the help of these sessions, you can turn your ideas into reality. Click here to learn more about the events offered by ICUBE. 

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