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What is inspire AI?

Created by ICUBE at the Institute for Management & Innovation at UofT Mississauga, Inspire AI empowers incubators, accelerators, & businesses with innovative solutions to increase productivity and growth by responsibly using AI tools.




Create an institution wide-chat AI or use ChatGPT to answer general questions that you may need help with.


Access our industry experts knowledge through our AI machines that have been trained exclusively.


Perform market research by uploading findings to ask questions based on them or ask support in finding papers.


Coding friendly environment that provides ability ask for support with your coding project.




Open AI's ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 + connect to the internet and PDFs.


Strongest models that competes with ChatGPT, made by TII.

Inspire AI

Custom model trained to help with business development & marketing.

Code Llama

Code Llama for your coding questions.

Llama 2

Open source model by Meta with secured data collection.


AI model that understands images/media.


Ethics of using Inspire AI

Our Inspire AI models are ethically trained, avoiding political or illegal conversations, but aren’t designed for critical decisions or uses with material consequences. They may not provide entirely accurate information, and out-of-scope uses include evaluating individuals for employment, education, or credit, generating reliable summaries, and making predictions that must be correct. It’s a misuse of the model and violative of human rights to use it intentionally for harm, deception, or malicious activities like generating spam, disinformation, impesonation, surveillance, abuse, and defamation.


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