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Created by ICUBE at the Institute for Management & Innovation at UofT Mississauga, Inspire AI empowers incubators, accelerators, & businesses with innovative solutions to increase productivity and growth by responsibly using AI tools. Join us for an ambitious journey towards an inspired future.

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Create an institution wide-chat AI or use ChatGPT to answer general questions that you may need help with.


Access our industry experts knowledge through our AI machines that have been trained exclusively.


Perform market research by uploading findings to ask questions based on them or ask support in finding papers.


Coding friendly environment that provides ability to upload your code base and ask for support with the entire code.

Personal Development

Upload your own set of educational materials or use ours to help staff and ventures grow their skillsets.


Quickly create any visuals you may need for your presentations, reports or marketing needs.


Manage the content you like the AI to have access to in one place! You can let the AI know what to not use or say as well.

Venture Applications

Set your acceptance requirements and let the AI find the best candidate for your program.

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ICUBE, The home of Social Entrepreneurship at UofT, offers resources, programs, workshops and mentorship for people who are changing the world. If you want to make a difference, ICUBE is here to help you make it.

Indigenous business training program created by RedBird Circle Inc. in partnership with UofT Libraries, ICUBE UTM and The Bridge at UTSC

An experiential learning program that follows the school 3 semesters schedule, for anyone with a great idea who wants to make it happen.

A boutique-style remote program to support your business development and help you grow through one-on-one support. This program is open all year.

A student-led creative studio with intends to serve the prototyping and design needs of our ventures and small businesses in our community.

This 2-day retreat is designed to help you reflect on your journey, what drives you, all the hats you wear and what is next for you and your social enterprise.