ICUBE Welcomes Three New Start-ups to the Venture Forward Program

ICUBE’s Venture Forward Program is excited to welcome three new start-ups: Arbre, Ei Amplified, and A.R. Environmental Solutions Inc.


Arbre is a sustainable sun care brand, an idea born from two friends who wanted to disrupt the conventional sunscreen industry. The industry has lacked innovation and diversity, and sunscreen products are often not designed with people of colour in mind. Arbre is on a mission to create sustainable and functional SPF products that are accessible to all.

Sun protection for the scalp is becoming increasingly important as the awareness of skin cancer grows. Melanomas on the scalp have high rates of mortality due to the difficulty in detecting them. Currently, there are no functional sun protection products for the scalp for women. Their debut product, a mineral-based SPF product for the scalp, aims to address this problem.

Kristina and Stephanie are scientists by training and strongly believe in the science and research behind sun protection. The main goal of Arbre is to develop functional SPF products that work for consumers, and that their consumers will love using. They also understand that many of the ingredients in typical sunscreens are toxic to the environment. With impact in mind, they are committed to developing SPF products that are safe for the earth.

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EI Amplified

Ei Amplified is an international EdTech organization focused on creating and enabling futurists through social-emotional learning. The 21st century is characterized by rapid change, innovation, and the heightened need for collaboration. Therefore, the four pillars that Ei Amplified focuses on and fuses into all of its programs are:

  1. Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. Mentorship
  3. Learning How to Learn
  4. Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity

Ei Amplified’s value is fostering an immersive learning experience, focused on experiential learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics (STEAM), linguistics, EI, and mentorship, to name a few. They leverage an extensive resource library that continues to grow with new educational content on emerging topics. As a social enterprise, they have mentored refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp, an orphanage in Uganda and a non-profit in Nepal.

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A.R. Environmental Solutions Inc.

A.R. Environmental Solutions (ARES) is an independent, for-profit organization located in Ontario, Canada. They conduct challenging research in the multidisciplinary fields which are related to Agri-food products together in resolving the environmental problematic issues. ARES’ mission is to develop new crops and techniques to feed the world and keep it healthy, now and in the future. Their approach is to develop new technologies to produce agricultural products by performing biological processes without using any synthetic chemicals.

Their technology also focuses on carbon capture for making valuable products. Their products are organic (synthetic chemical-free), help to boost the immune system, and protect consumers from COVID-19 and other viruses. They also make organic fertilizers and pesticides which replace harmful chemicals from agricultural fields with organic fertilizers and pesticides. The technology cleans the soil and water in the environment and reduces greenhouse gases.

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Venture Forward is designed to accelerate your business growth in a sustainable way. Join a community of entrepreneurs who are all working towards making an impact and scaling up!

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