ICE Program

ICE Program: Innovation to Commercialization for Entrepreneurs

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ICUBE UTM is now accepting applications for the Fall 2017 ICE Cohort. Applications will be reviewed starting August 25th, after which, interviews will commence from September 25th – 29th. See below for additional details.

The  ICE program is an intensive boot camp program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about the fundamentals of starting and validating their early stage business ideas. The goal of this program is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at U of T Mississauga. If you are a student, alumnus or community member (basically anyone) with a great idea, we encourage your team to apply (below).

The ICE program provides:

  • Capital injection of funding for startups accepted into program
    • $1,000  / team (upon one month in the program)
  • Cash Prizes from ICE Final Pitch Competition
    • Up to $5,000
  • Start-Up Support Services up to $5,000 value / team
  • An entrepreneur in residence or start-up coach is available to teams on a daily basis
  • Each team has access to an awesome pool of mentors who will provide workshops / office hours / online mentoring to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Our faculty lead Nico Lacetera is available for consultation on a weekly basis
  • A fulltime program and events coordinator is present on campus to create relevant programming and provide connections to RIC Centre, MaRS and other related events and partners to get you and your company fully immersed in the GTA / Peel Regions Innovative Ecosystem.
  • Bi-weekly peer-to-peer networking sessions will be provided to teams to encourage interaction and idea sharing
  • Free access to MaRS Toolkit sessions and other resources
  • Awesome co-working space

Ready to make your idea a reality?  Join our innovative community by filling out the ICE 2017 Application Form below.

Form notes:
the questions with the little red * are required. Competitive ICE applicants will likely fill out 90% or more of the fields.
If you just have an idea and aren’t ready to fill out all of the fields – yet – NO WORRIES. This form acts as the application process for ICE and our OPEN program, which is designed to help you build your idea. So go ahead – show us what you got!

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Nice work – thanks for applying to ICUBE. It’s okay to hit submit. Your idea is safe with us as everyone who reviews your application is under strict NDA policy governed by the University of Ontario.  (Note you don’t have to put your secret sauce into the above boxes, just the broad strokes ideas and we’ll get in contact with you to discuss further)