Experience Your Life Expo: Future entrepreneurs in Mississauga

ICUBE had the great pleasure of spending a team Sunday at the Novotel Mississauga in the amazing Experience Your Life Expo meeting over 1200 attendees!

ICUBE’s team had the opportunity to learn how many youths and newcomers in the city of Mississauga engage in entrepreneurial thinking and possess creative ideas and solutions. We were proud to represent the only UofT incubator in Mississauga, share our success stories and offer our variety of services to the attendees aspiring to become their own bosses! It was great to see our own ICUBE Alum, ParticipAid, tabling at the expo along side us and many more companies.

In the words of Sultan Akif: “I want to THANK YOU for the opportunities you provided to the youths through your organizations. You made a real difference. We are an invitation-only event and you truly represent some of the best employers, travel with purpose and educational programs in Canada. Your continued support, your positive energy and the incredible opportunities you bring to the youths is what makes the event great. Together, we can and have made a real difference!

It is hard to recap the energy of such an event as it can only be experienced! From the exhibitors booths, to the breakout rooms, the positive attitude and energy was simply flowing. It illuminates the lives of those that are exposed to it. I am delighted to share the Expo pictures, videos and speech from the Mayor of Mississauga. I will be in touch with you individually to close out this year as well.

I am delighted to share that Saturday 29th September, 2018 is the date for the next Expo. The location and format will be very similar. As you experienced, we carefully curate a specific energy at the event that is focused on quality of both the exhibitors and the attendees. In that spirit, we will replicate the model for this year in 2018 and keep moving the bar higher on quality of attendees and exhibitors. I have decided to not expand the number of exhibitors to the Expo, or dilute the energy of the event with lower quality exhibitors. We will keep pushing the boundaries and keep focusing on the high quality of candidates that you experienced on Sunday. I will be in touch to extend you an invitation to the next year event later this week. Moving forward, we are going to work equally hard to replicate the success of this event and continue to push the boundaries of possibilities. Please mark the calendar for 29th September, 2018.

The Library in a Week project was launched on 17th September in the breakout room. Please visit the website of the new project we have launched to illuminate the planet with the brilliance of knowledge by building libraries. The details are available at www.libraryinaweek.com. It is excellent, cost effective and optimized method to make a difference while also increasing awareness of your brand. We will be building a library deep in the Amazon jungle soon.

It was an absolute pleasure hosting you and I look forward to meet you again soon”



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