Congratulations to Inwit & iPOTS CEOs for being named MNP Future Leaders

Two ICUBE start-ups at the University of Toronto Mississauga have qualified for the MNP Future Leaders program. Erika Reyes, CEO and Cofounder of Inwit, and Stephanie Manica, CEO and Founder of iPOTS, have each gained a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity to receive monthly professional mentorship from an MNP partner for one year.

Inwit, the first zero waste takeout app, currently has more than 500 users. In an interview with the Brampton Guardian, Reyes says that she expects the MNP program will provide her business with “the support needed to advance zero waste packaging in the food industry in our province and around the world.” MNP mentor Brad Bida will use his expertise to help Reyes take Inwit to the next level. “Our biggest hope is that we inspire people to take climate change action by creating a community that believes that sustainability is not just the right thing to do, it’s the most rewarding gift in life,” Reyes tells Mississauga News. For more information regarding Inwit, visit:

Improving Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, or iPOTS, is a soon-to-be-launched non-profit organization/ charity. According to Mississauga news, Manica is “really excited to learn from the MNP partner (Chirag Vasa) and a diverse group of mentors that will provide an infusion of ideas and different perspectives that will help iPOTS become a trusted resource in helping people improve their lives.” Manica is raising funds to further develop iPOTS services to, in her words, make this [learning] journey easier. “It’s a lot easier to improve when you have support, mentorship, and guidance,” she says. For more information regarding iPOTs, visit:

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