Entrepreneurship is the future of Innovation

From far left to far right: ICUBE Director, Dr. Ann Armstrong; Program Coordinator, Kayla Sousa; Associate Minister of Women's Social and Economic Opportunity; Co-op Student, Mickayla Whyte.

By Mickayla Whyte, Co-Op Student, Fletcher’s Meadow This fall/winter I had the opportunity to participate in the SEE@UTM pilot program that ran at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. As […]

ZAMWILL: Transforming Women’s Education

Racheal Kalaba founded ZAMWILL after noticing the major challenges to the socialmajor gap in education for women in Zambia.“Education does not end when you’re inschool only, it is lifelong learning. […]

Caddie Health reinvents medical billing

When physician Akshay Rajaram realized how frustrating medical billing errors like missed earnings can be for doctors and their employees, he founded Caddie Health with his colleagues Phil Ballyk and […]

Confessions of an Intern

Background As part of my Master of Management of Innovation program I got the chance to secure an internship at ICUBE UTM. I was very excited to join the team […]

The Benefits of Incorporating Your Business (Tax Implications)

____________________________________________________________________________ The information within these articles are derived from the sources listed at the end. ____________________________________________________________________________ There are many advantages and disadvantages to incorporating your business. This article will examine […]


In this article, we will briefly take a look at the basic concepts of GST/HST, the different types of taxation supplies, and input tax credits.  GST/HST:  The goods and service […]

Your CCPC’s Part IV Tax Payable

____________________________________________________________________________ The information within these articles are derived from the sources listed at the end. ____________________________________________________________________________ Tax season for entrepreneurs with their own business can look different case by case. […]

Indigenous business training program created by RedBird Circle Inc. in partnership with UofT Libraries, ICUBE UTM and The Bridge at UTSC

An experiential learning program that follows the school 3 semesters schedule, for anyone with a great idea who wants to make it happen.

A boutique-style remote program to support your business development and help you grow through one-on-one support. This program is open all year.

A student-led creative studio with intends to serve the prototyping and design needs of our ventures and small businesses in our community.

This 2-day retreat is designed to help you reflect on your journey, what drives you, all the hats you wear and what is next for you and your social enterprise.