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Startup Support

Startup Experience League Accelerate is ICUBE UTM’s startup support program that offers three programs to help train and support entrepreneurs; Startup, Scaleup and Grant.  If you are a student, alumi or community member (basically anyone) get into the cube and let us help you launch your idea!


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, so whenever genius strikes, APPLY!
Please note all applications go through an initial screening process which may take up to two weeks.
Ps. You can always contact us via social media, email or just stop by!





Got an idea but don’t know where to go next? The ICUBE SXL Startup Program is designed to help ventures at the ideation stage validate and bring ideas / research / capstones to life!


Idea on the go and looking for a place to grow? SXL Scaleup Program is for companies with less than $100K in sales that have an MVP and are looking for growth support.





Currently rockin’ your startup and need some support to scale? The SXL Grant is designed to help you with some of your first hires!