Matt McPherson
Matt McPherson-01

Matt is a technologist and innovator specializing in corporate development, product strategy, operational planning and management. He works with early stage companies, helping entrepreneurs focus on market positioning, liquidity, stability, profitability and growth. In 2004, Matt co-founded Toronto-based healthcare software and services firm Infonaut Inc., where he directly managed Infonaut’s flagship Hospital Watch Live solution from inception to R&D to clinical testing through to bringing it to market. He has co-invented a number of innovative products, co-authored patents filed in US, Canada, Japan and the EU, and authored or co-authored research and academic papers on a range of topics. He shares his entrepreneurial experiences as a sessional lecturer and occasional guest-speaker at the University of Toronto.

Matt has a BScH in Psychology from Queen’s University, a Diploma in Computer Graphics from the IADT, and a MISt (Information Systems) from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Knowledge Media Design.