Start-Up Experience, Training & Support

For UTM Students:

  • Paid Work Experience (with startups)
  • ICUBE Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Co-Curricular Notations
  • Volunteer Opportunities

For Startups:

  • Access to 24/7 Co-working Space
  • Up to $5,000 in Funding
  • Endorsements for Grants
  • Mentor & Startup Coach Support

For Instructors:

  • Experiential Learning in Your Class
  • Entrepreneurial Workshops
  • Live Case Studies with ICUBE Teams
  • Guest Speakers / Mentors

ICUBE UTM Programs

ICUBE UTM offers three primary streams of programming to offer startup experience and support to students, founders and educators in our community.


Startup Experience League (SXL) is the main hub of ICUBE’s startup support network at UofT Mississauga and offers two streams.


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ICUBE Coworking Space

SXL Accelerate (for startups) provides support for early stage ventures and research projects – for free!

Got an idea but don’t know where to go next? The SXL Accelerate Startup Program is designed to help ventures at the ideation stage and help you validate your idea and build towards a minimum viable product through training, mentoring and networking. Already have a few customers but less than $100k in sales revene? SXL Accelerate Scaleup is designed to help you grow your company with a cash investment, grant access, endorsements, mentoring, coaching and more!

SXL Certificate (for students) is a training program to help students at UofT Mississauga learn about and engage in entrepreneurial activities, before you’re ready to rock your own company (even if that’s a few years away!)

By attending workshops, gaining volunteer, and even PAID startup experience, you’ll receive Co-Curricular Record notations as well as an ICUBE Entrepreneurship Certificate  upon completion of three SXL CCR’s. Learn to be an entrepreneur or find out how you can work with a startup here.


Icube Side SessionICUBE in the Classroom 

ICUBE brings entrepreneurial and experiential learning to the classroom in a variety of ways.  Engage in entrepreneurship with:

    • Guest Speakers: ICUBE has a digital rolodex of entrepreneurs, mentors and trainers who can speak on a variety of topics.
    • Workshops: Ideation, customer persona development, pitch practice, problem identification, etc
    • Live Case Studies: ICUBE startups are available to provide live cases and problems that need to be solved to help your students learn in a dynamic, live and experiential environment.


Find out more details or apply for the program that is right for you!