The ICUBE Brand

What is the green thing?
While ICUBE’s logo may look like it incorporates an arrow pointing up, a chevron, or a cool design element, the “green thing” is actually an apex. An apex is the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point. (Cool right!)

ICUBE UTM is designed to help startups build a launching off point, and so we designed our logo to reflect that. Please find our brand guide below how to showcase the ICUBE UTM logo.

The ICUBE Logo
ICUBE uses two official logos: long and stacked. Both logos come in light and dark type to accommodate varying shades of background.

When to use what:
The long version is for working with rectangular spaces such as a banner. (Please note the long version is ICUBE UTM’s official logo.)
The stacked version of the ICUBE logo is for trying to fit the image into a square space.

Long Version

Stacked Version

White vs. Black
The following charts indicates the % black fill used for the white version and the black version of the logo. Ensuring there is at least a 40% contrast between our logo type and the background colour will really help our logo pop!

ICUBE_Branding_White      ICUBE_Branding_Black
Protected Space
Everyone likes to have their personal space (even in a co-working space), logos included. For best results, please give our logo the room it needs. Imagine a moat around the logo 2px units wide – and then fill it with nothing.


Things to do with the ICUBE logo:

  • Give it some creative space / room to breathe
  • Help our logo stand out featuring backgrounds with a contrast of 40% or higher
  • Download our full logo package
  • Contact us for any questions you may have
  • Work with us to uphold our brand
  • Be amazing!

Ways to cramp our logo’s style (please don’t):

  • Obstruct our logo with other graphics/text
  • Put our logos on an angle
  • Put our logos in a circle, square, triangle, or any other shape
  • Recolour our logo
  • Resize our logo smaller than the permitted small size
  • Resize our logo bigger than the permitted large size
  • Rearrange the components of our logo

Logos colours, as well as maximum/minimum sizes are available for download here.