3D printing is a type of manufacturing that transforms 3D models into physical objects. It takes a particular material (we use a plastic filament called PLA), and adds successive layers through a small nozzle, similar to how a glue gun operates. The final product is essentially a full object that has been created 1 layer (up to 0.1mm thick) at a time.

Common applications of 3D printing include rapid prototyping and product development. Many other areas that are budding with 3D printing are bioprinting (biotechnology), fashion, construction (building house with concrete), and electronics.

Currently, students and staff who construct their own designs can get their creations printed for free.

Using opensource files from websites such as Thingiverse are also free – however staff discretion will be used for the type of print.

ICUBE’s printer, Cubert, is located in the lower level of the Innovation Complex in room L1212.
At this point in time, all staff, students and faculty are able to sign up via email for the 1 hour hands-on workshop that teaches you the safety aspects and operational training of 3D printing.

You can attend a hands-on 1 hour workshop and safety training if you are interested in learning how to use the 3D printer and want to use it more often. For more information, please email the ICUBE Program Coordinator at icube.utm@utoronto.ca. After the initial workshop, interested individuals may schedule further prints with the ICUBE Program Coordinator and by passing an assessment, will eventually be allowed to use the 3D printer unsupervised.

In addition, you are required to complete online WHMIS training (course EHS 005). Registration is only possible using a UofT computer and a valid UTORid. The training material is conducted through Blackboard (portal.utoronto.ca).

For more information or any questions, please contact the ICUBE Program Coordinator at icube.utm@utoronto.ca.

Email Sam.Dumcum@utoronto.ca to find out when our 3D Printer Training is running.